Towards LDSConventions and LDSCallings web hosting costs

If you've found value in LDSConventions or LDSCallings — whether it's saved you time, reduced stress, or simply made your life easier

we kindly invite you to consider making a donation. Your contribution, no matter how small, will go a long way in maintaining these platforms.

Please be aware that all donations will be processed through my personal consulting business, which manages the hosting and operational costs for these websites.

In the interest of full transparency, I am listing all donations below (names omitted for privacy).

Fund Status

14.285714285714% Raised

Raised $360 USD of $2520 (Approx. $3956.4 AUD) (14.29% of 2024's hosting bill)

Date Amount
24-Jun-24 $120.00
10-Apr-24 $30.00
18-Mar-24 $35.00
11-Mar-24 $25.00
08-Feb-24 $150.00

Donations FAQ

I have websites hosted for much cheaper than this. Can't you find it cheaper?

I also have website hosted for much cheaper than this. But they do not have the same requirements. LDSConventions in particular requires a large amount of disk space and memory. The configuration, site and security requirements also make them unsuitable for shared hosting. VPS is the next step up and is the most suitable for these sites.

In addition, there is also server management and maintenance to factor in. While I've love to cut that cost and rely only on myself, the reality is that these sites now have accounts from all over the world, making reliability a huge requirement.