Towards LDSConventions, LDSCallings and ScriptureCharts web hosting costs

I need your help!

Until the beginning of 2018, our hosting costs have been partially offset by a business that I am involved in. As they say, the only thing that is constant is change, and our hosting situation is changing. I now need to move these three sites to web hosting that will be 100% covered by me, helped in part I hope by user donations.

Wonderful news! Jason Egan at CFDynamics has been able to get us an excellent deal and hosting is being set up for US$100 per month. To some of you, especially those who have web hosting, this will still sound like a lot but it is almost half of the cost originally anticipated for the specifications that are required to run the sites effectively.

If LDSConventions, LDSCallings or ScriptureCharts have been useful to you, saved you time, or prevented early onset balding due to frustration induced bouts of tearing your hair out, please consider donating even a few dollars.

Please note that the hosting invoices will be going to my personal consulting company, Blue Rock Software, so that is the account that the donations are being directed towards.

In the interest of full transparency, I am listing all donations below (names omitted for privacy). Also for your information, total donations received last year (2017) was AUD$75.

Fund Status

96% Raised

Raised US$5760 of $6000 (96.00% of 5 years of hosting)

Date Amount
04-Oct-21 $10.00
26-Sep-21 $60.00
18-Sep-21 $50.00
03-Sep-21 $10.00
23-Aug-21 $50.00
07-Aug-21 $300.00
03-Aug-21 $10.00
04-Jul-21 $100.00
03-Jul-21 $10.00
03-Jun-21 $10.00
23-May-21 $50.00
19-May-21 $50.00
11-May-21 $50.00
03-May-21 $10.00
03-May-21 $20.00
03-Apr-21 $10.00
10-Mar-21 $50.00
07-Mar-21 $50.00
03-Mar-21 $10.00
17-Feb-21 $10.00
17-Feb-21 $10.00
03-Feb-21 $10.00
05-Jan-21 $25.00
03-Jan-21 $10.00
02-Jan-21 $500.00
31-Dec-20 $25.00
03-Dec-20 $10.00
08-Nov-20 $10.00
08-Nov-20 $40.00
21-Oct-20 $10.00
03-Oct-20 $10.00
03-Sep-20 $10.00
03-Aug-20 $10.00
03-Jul-20 $10.00
03-Jun-20 $10.00
21-May-20 $20.00
16-May-20 $20.00
08-May-20 $10.00
03-Apr-20 $10.00
11-Mar-20 $200.00
03-Mar-20 $10.00
19-Feb-20 $100.00
04-Feb-20 $25.00
03-Feb-20 $10.00
30-Jan-20 $20.00
15-Jan-20 $100.00
04-Jan-20 $10.00
01-Jan-20 $50.00
16-Dec-19 $10.00
13-Dec-19 $50.00
07-Dec-19 $10.00
22-Nov-19 $15.00
03-Nov-19 $10.00
23-Oct-19 $150.00
03-Oct-19 $10.00
27-Sep-19 $100.00
15-Sep-19 $10.00
07-Sep-19 $10.00
03-Sep-19 $10.00
02-Sep-19 $15.00
19-Aug-19 $25.00
15-Aug-19 $25.00
03-Aug-19 $10.00
03-Jul-19 $10.00
10-Jun-19 $25.00
09-Jun-19 $25.00
03-Jun-19 $10.00
03-May-19 $10.00
18-Apr-19 $20.00
04-Apr-19 $120.00
03-Apr-19 $10.00
03-Apr-19 $15.00
25-Mar-19 $15.00
04-Mar-19 $10.00
04-Feb-19 $10.00
28-Jan-19 $120.00
03-Jan-19 $10.00
10-Dec-18 $15.00
04-Dec-18 $10.00
08-Nov-18 $25.00
07-Nov-18 $50.00
03-Nov-18 $10.00
27-Oct-18 $25.00
03-Oct-18 $10.00
24-Sep-18 $25.00
11-Sep-18 $10.00
04-Sep-18 $10.00
12-Aug-18 $25.00
03-Aug-18 $10.00
03-Jul-18 $10.00
20-Jun-18 $20.00
03-Jun-18 $10.00
04-May-18 $10.00
02-May-18 $10.00
28-Apr-18 $10.00
23-Apr-18 $25.00
17-Apr-18 $50.00
04-Apr-18 $10.00
07-Mar-18 $10.00
05-Mar-18 $20.00
03-Mar-18 $10.00
25-Feb-18 $100.00
24-Feb-18 $20.00
18-Feb-18 $50.00
16-Feb-18 $50.00
13-Feb-18 $20.00
06-Feb-18 $10.00
05-Feb-18 $100.00
03-Feb-18 $10.00
23-Jan-18 $500.00
15-Jan-18 $25.00
11-Jan-18 $50.00
11-Jan-18 $200.00
10-Jan-18 $100.00
09-Jan-18 $100.00
08-Jan-18 $25.00
07-Jan-18 $250.00
05-Jan-18 $200.00
05-Jan-18 $25.00
05-Jan-18 $150.00
04-Jan-18 $20.00
04-Jan-18 $20.00
04-Jan-18 $35.00
04-Jan-18 $10.00
04-Jan-18 $20.00
03-Jan-18 $100.00
03-Jan-18 $50.00
03-Jan-18 $20.00
03-Jan-18 $5.00

Donations FAQ

I have websites hosted for much cheaper than this. Can't you find it cheaper?

I also have website hosted for much cheaper than this. But they do not have the same requirements. LDSConventions in particular requires a large amount of disk space and memory. The configuration and site requirements also make them unsuitable for shared hosting. VPS is the next step up and is the most suitable for these sites.

One of the system requirements is a license for ColdFusion 2016. I have searched my heart out and there are not a large number of VPS hosts that provide the ColdFusion license as part of the monthly cost. To purchase this license alone costs AUD$2300.

In addition, $35 per month of the estimated price is for server management and maintenance. While I've love to cut that cost and rely only on myself, the reality is that these sites now have accounts from all over the world, making reliability a huge requirement.

My cousin/brother/friend does web hosting. Would you consider their company?

Yes, if they can provide the ColdFusion license as part of the monthly cost.