LDS Conventions

LDS Conventions is a free event management system that will help you to manage your Convention or Event. This could include YSA, SA, RS, EFY/FSY, Stake Ball, Women's Conference or any other type of event. It can connect with the church payment gateway (in Australia), or you can enter bank details or other instructions for attendees to manually make payment.

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Upcoming Conventions

Date Convention Theme Site
10-Aug-24 Bulawayo Convention They are blessed in all things...if they hold out faithful to the end [Mosiah 2:41] View
10-Aug-24 16+ Adelaide Multi Stake Youth Event Light Your Fire & Let Your Light Shine View
20-Sep-24 Bellville South Africa Stake YM Camp “I am a disciple of Jesus Christ” (3 Nephi 5:13). View
28-Sep-24 2024 Adelaide North Stake Youth Camp Step up, Look up, Lift up View
18-Nov-24 Brisbane Year 12 Grad Trip 2024 View
13-Dec-24 Sydney Mid Singles Convention 2024 You Belong 3 Nephi 18:25 View
06-Jan-25 2025 Melbourne FSY - YSA Applications View


Online Registration Form

Create a registration form where your attendees can quickly and easily sign up for your convention.

  • Option to restrict age ranges
  • Options to show/hide questions like DOB, Photo, Stake and Ward
  • Add your own questions to the form
  • User will select from the cost options that you create
  • Customise the terms and conditions and code of conduct for the form
  • Add custom text for the confirmation email

Customisable Website

Your convention website will have a custom URL and:

  • A program for the convention
  • A contact form that sends enquiries to you
  • Ability to add extra information pages with images and/or PDF files
  • Option to show a countdown
  • Add your own image banner or for the tech-savvy, add a custom style sheet
  • Customise the home page content


Keep track of payments made for each registration:

  • If you have permission, use the Church Payment Gateway to accept credit cards (Australia only)
  • Accept Paypal payments
  • Record offline payments and refunds
  • View Transaction reports

Administration Dashboard

See the status of all registrations at a glance.

  • Total registrations at each status
  • Total registrations by stake
  • Value of payments made
  • Total of each type of registration
  • Total attendees checked in

Registration Management

View and manage a list of registrations.

  • Search by status, name, stake or type
  • See at a glance the status of each registration
  • Export registrations to a spreadsheet
  • Email some or all of your attendees

Registration Editing

Update any of the details in a registration

  • Change the status of the registration
  • Update contact details and other information
  • Record a payment for the registration
  • Mark a registration approved or rejected (optional)

Accommodation Management

Option to keep track of accommodation assignments

  • Import and export current accommodation assignments
  • Store up to four levels of information (eg. Building / Floor / Room / Bed)
  • Accommodation reports identify issues with assignments

Stake/Ward Approvals

Option to have Stakes or Wards manage approvals

  • Units can log in using their Unit ID
  • View and manage approvals for all conventions
  • Report on the registrations for each convention

Group Management

Option to keep track of group assignments

  • Import and export current group assignments
  • Print or email group reports including health information
  • Group leaders can log in and download their own group sheets

Permission and Check-In Forms

Option to enable Permission and/or Check-In Forms

  • Design your own forms and insert merge fields from the registration
  • Attendee can log in and download their own form
  • Units can log in and download forms for their attendees
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